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Welcome to University Photography Composites

We would like to thank you for your interest and look forward to working with you on your composite board.  Here at University Photography you, the customer, are our top priority.  We pride ourselves in remaining a small local company in order to serve you best.

What does this mean to you? At University Photography, we choose to remain a small, local company by limiting our growth to keep quality at a high level.  You will receive great customer service along with old-style craftsmanship to create a quality product.  We have a very high customer retention rate along with the lowest prices in the business.

Speaking of price, do you know what you are really paying for your composite board?  We bet it isn’t the price you see on your contract.  Our competitors charge a sitting fee, a frame fee, an extra officers fee, a shipping fee, etc…all located in the fine print of your contract.  In most cases their $16 sitting fee is really closer to $25 per person.  At University Photography you won’t find fine print on our contracts.  Our sitting fee is just one price per person for a delivered composite board, built just the way you want it.  NO HIDDEN FEES!

You might have noticed our PCS logo.  This Precision Composite System was developed by us to deliver a perfect composite board to you within 45 calendar days (not business days). The PCS program allows us to detail out every step of the composite process to insure a high quality product that is delivered on time.

Along with high quality and fast, friendly service University Photography offers you the most options of any other composite company.  We offer more mat board and underlay colors (32), more fonts (14), more frames (14) and more composite types than any other company.  We also offer indoor and outdoor photography. 

We have been working with fraternities, sororities and professional organizations on their composite boards for over 30 years. We know how important composites are to you and your organization and we will work with you every step of the way to create the ideal board for your organization.  Call us today!

Our Composites

PCS offers two different styles of composite board: the Digital composite board and Traditional composite board. Both board styles are put through a very detailed process; the only difference is your preference of what style you wish to have for your organization.

We start each and every board by creating a digital version to help aid both you and PCS in our proofing process. Once we have the portraits taken and the board created in the layout and colors you have chosen we will send you a proof via email with a link to our website, for your organization to look over. Once your organization has approved the layout, (checked spelling of the individual’s names and titles, etc.) we will then go through our final check lists to create your board. Once each board is finished we will seal and frame each board with acrylic plexi-glass with ultra-violet filtering and frame of your choice.

Traditional Composite Board

The traditional board has a three dimensional feel and look to it. Each board is hand made by our staff to make each photograph stand out from the background. Once we have received the final version of your composite each of the individuals names, titles and your organization’s crest are carefully transferred onto the matboard. Next we take each photograph and place it on an underlay, which raises the photograph off the matboard creating a 3-D effect to the entire board. We then carefully secure the photo and underlay on the matboard.

Digital Composite Board

Our digital board is compressed into one layer; the underlay, portraits and crests will be of highest quality, but one solid image. One benefit is the board itself is less likely to show wear and tear, since it is in one piece you will not have any problems. Also, with this style, you will have more options in the design and layout of your board. For example you will be able to have drop shadows on your portraits and/or crests. Another benefit is that it is cost effective for those organizations just starting out that may have a smaller budget for their composite.

To see some composite samples please visit out Composite Gallery